4RF Data Radios

Miri Technologies South Africa and 4RF share a commitment to the provision of robust and totally reliable radio infrastructure. We are therefore proud to be associated with 4RF in the provision and support of their state of the art data radio solutions.

4RF Australia provides licensed, sub 3 GHz radio communications equipment for critical infrastructure applications. The Aprisa SR family of smart point-to-multipoint radios, available in VHF and UHF frequency bands, provides secure communications for telemetry and SCADA applications. Both radios support serial and Ethernet traffic for a future-proof approach when migrating from serial to IP. The Aprisa SR offers up to 19.2 kbit/s capacity and the Aprisa SR+ provides up to 120 kbit/s capacity for more data intensive applications. Both products provide industry-leading security, reliability and incorporate unique traffic management techniques for maximum efficiency and performance in the real world. The Aprisa XE point-to-point microwave link, available in ten frequency bands between 300 MHz and 2.7 GHz, provides long distance, carrier-class communications for challenging applications such as offshore linking or long distance pipeline monitoring.

Microhard Systems

Miri South Africa is proud to be able to offer the extensive Microhard Systems range of data radios. These radios offer outstanding performance and extremely cost effective solutions.

Microhard Systems Inc. specialises in the design and manufacture of long range robust wireless data equipment. Their continuous innovation and unparralleled product performance has earned them a trusted name in the wireless industry. Microhard also offers a range of OEM level products as are widely used by Miri Technologies in our wireless Monitoring and Control solutions.

All of Microhard's OEM and packaged products are rigorously tested during the production process to ensure reliable performance over a wide temperature range.

Schneider Electric

For dependable professional data radio communications in SCADA and Telemetry systems at the lowest possible cost, the solution is Schneider's MR450.

Highly versatile, the compact MR450 has price/performance optimised versions to suit the widely varying needs of such typical applications as fresh or waste water management and industrial control automation. Rugged construction and full -30C to +60C operational capability make it suitable for the harshest environments.

Even though it comes at a low price, the simplex/half duplex MR450 has the most commonly sought-after features, yet is still easy to configure and use. There additional system features may be required, Trio DataCom offers it's compatible E Series - the world's most advanced family of data radio products.

The MR450 is complemented by matching full duplex base and repeater stations, including a redundant hot standby version. Local and remote diagnostics are optionally available to assist in commissioning and troubleshooting.

Gatetel Telit GPRS Modem

The GT-HE910-EUD is a complete Cellular Terminal solution for GSM/UMTS applications. Based on the Telit JE-910-EUD Module.

This modem is ideally suited for applications where radio communications are not possible due to terrain restraints, or as redundancy communications over a radio network.