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Miri Technologies South Africa - Telemetry Modules

Telemetry Modules

The AD2000 Series of advanced Telemetry Modules are designed, manufactured and supported from our offices in Mpumalanga, South Africa. The product is a result of 30 years of experience in the provision of wireless monitoring and control solutions for remote and critical infrastructure.
These modules offer PLC functionality and PID control as well as multiple communications options and a digital on-board data radio for optimum performance.

Solar Powered Assemblies

In many cases, telemetry infrastructure is required to operate in locations where no 'mains' power supply is available. For these applications we offer a range of complete solar powered assemblies which can be modified to suit your individual requirements.
These products are particularly useful in monitoring flow rates, pressure, temperature and other parameters in remote pipelines for both production purposes and environmental compliance.


In addition to our range of telemetry modules, we also offer a wide range of high quality data radios to suit all applications. Many different frequency options are available from VHF and UHF to Spread Spectrum and WiFi.
These products can be used in conjunction with our telemetry modules or as a stand alone product. Miri SA offers wireless solutions for point to multipoint systems and for point-to-point links where a high data throughput is required.


The selection and installation of antennas are critical to the performance and reliability of any radio based network. Miri offers a range of antennas and accessories to meet the requirements of most radio based solutions.
Miri SA also offer desktop radio path analysis and site surveys to enable us to determine the antenna requirements for your project or application; and to make suitable and effective recommendations on their installation.